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gogo stores (Calhoun St & Taber)

gogo Store (Marathon) is branded as Marathon. Marathon gasolines with STP Additives provide deposit control detergents that help prevent the buildup of performance-robbing deposits. Compared to gasolines using only the minimum EPA required dose of detergent additives, Marathon gasolines with STP Additives are formulated to help maintain engine cleanliness, tankful after tankful.


gogo store Calhoun st Marathon is located at 2410 S. Calhoun St. Only minutes from downtown fort wayne.


*Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, Propane, Air Pump, Vaccum

*Bill pay service (AEP, Nipsco, Comcast, Frontier, At&t & many more)

*Money Orders

*Lotto & Instant lottery

*Phone Cards

*Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes, Cigars, Chew, Tobacco Bags

*Pop, Coffee, Grocery

Payment Acceptance


*Credit Cards (All)

*Debit Cards (All)

*Fleet Cards

*EBT Cards

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