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gogo stores (Hessen Cassel)

This location is branded as Stop N Shop providing the best quality fuel available in the market. gogo stores (Stop N Shop) Accepts Lassus (Handy Dandy) fleet cards.


gogo store (Stop N Shop) located at 6031 Hessen Cassel rd, Fort Wayne, IN corner of Hessen Cassel & Paulding rd.


*Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, Propane, Air Pump, Vaccum

*Bill pay service (AEP, Nipsco, Comcast, Frontier, At&t & many more)

*Money Orders

*Lotto & Instant lottery

*Phone Cards

*Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes, Cigars, Chew, Tobacco Bags

*Pop, Coffee, Grocery

Payment Acceptance


*Credit Cards (All)

*Debit Cards (All)

*Fleet Cards

*EBT Cards

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